The AURORA 2016 captures all the latest developments on the line of the hull.              

Econboard has conducting further several simulations studies on the boat using the most modern CFD software. From the studies important results were obtained both in terms of resistance to advance of that emitted wave height.

The layout shown is designed to allow the access from stern in complete safety even to reduced mobility passengers.

It’s possible to implement, as well as the access from the stern, also one more access for each side of the boat.

The shipowner may decide to install laterally removable canopies in PVC (partially or completely around the boat) in PVC with large transparent or smoked surfaces.


A particular version of AURORA 2016 is designed for the additional transport of 10 bikes.

For this reason a small beach at the stern has been lengthened enough to hospitalize an orderly bicycles in two rows on special constraint structures, ensuring an easy and safe movement of vehicles and passengers.