The used model, shown in the image below, is a faithful reproduction of DIANAE on 1:5 scale and is directly derived from the technological model used for the naval tank testing.

Sul ponte è stata applicata la sovrastruttura che rispetta a pieno la filosofia dell'alta visibilità che ciascun prodotto Econboard deve possedere. Le ampie supeficie vetrate perimetrano la sovrastruttura regalando ai mezzi sicurezza nelle manovre e piacere di utilizzo.

Come si nota la struttura di copertura è costruita, anche nel modello, in modo da realizzare un piano orizzontale quasi pefetto (la bassa inclinazione presente permette il corretto deflusso delle acque pluviali).

Tale supeficie si presta in modo perfetto per istallazione di efficienti pannelli solari, capaci di generare la corrente integrative necessaria ai sistemi di bordo o alla parziale ricarica delle batterie.   

The model is representative of the hull geometry and the propulsion while is purely demonstrative about any other detail.


The command of the model has been entrusted to a joystick that transmits signals through a computer directly to the on-board receiver and in consequence to the control system.

Con un unico joystick è possibile regolare l'azimut e la capacità di spinta di ciscun propulsore nonché l'angolo di inclinazione dell'aletta per il controllo dell'assetto. 

Un unico controllo capace di una completa gestione dell'imbarcazione.

As it can be seen from the picture, an appropriate ballast is installed on-board, in order to simulate the correct placement of the masses  and to execute dynamic tests in a realistic way.

The incidence variable fin

As shown from the images, a profile of aviation extraction is installed on aft of the bow thruster.


By changing the angle of incidence through an actuator (in reality an electric actuator), you can manage the boat's trim with the benefit of reducing consumption. You can give the control to a circuit capable of constantly monitoring the pitch by setting the best angle for any gait.

The profile, through the depression that is created on the back, in phase and proportional to the incidence of feed, is able to aspirate the water surface with the consequent result of reducing the wave production abaft the unit.



Offsets maneuvre with ANY angle

The arrangement of the engines "in line" fore-aft patented by Econboard, is the only able to give the boat an unimaginable maneuverability, impossible for traditional boats.

Units designed by Econboard are able to advance by translating with any angle with respect to the main direction while keeping the fixing bow. This feature allows to the Econboard boats approaches and / or removals from the docks in an extremely rapid and simple way and above all without any waste of time (often caused by the need to entrust pushing to a differentiated thrusters).


Complete rotations and extreme turns

It is possible to rotate completely on the spot or to run around turns with radius of curvature practically equal to zero. The in water tests show that it is possible to draw a virtually square shape trajectory during maneuvers.