A hull able to cover different uses, from pleasure to work, really solving many problems such as increasing manoeuvrability or reducing environment pollution and wave emission.

DIANAE implements the concept of “increased manoeuvrability” for the first time installing two new electric azimuthal thrusters developed by Econboard. Installed in a patented “in-line” configuration bow-stern, the thrusters permit to ensure an efficient and safe steerage in every condition., allowing what are impossible manoeuvres for traditional boats. The unit can be controlled using a simple joystick.








LAYOUT 30/40 PASSENGERS (also in bicycle rack layout)

Length: 9m+1m

Width: 3.8m

Height of construction: 3.6m

Maximum Speed: 8/10knots

Main Propulsion: 2x25kW/40kW hybrid (diesel-electric)

Air Conditioning System / Video Surveillance System / Minibar

The hull geometry has been optimized through fluid-dynamic calculations and tested in a naval tank (model tank) to reduce the advance resistance, reducing power consumption by generating the minimum wave emission.

A fin immersed with variable incidence, installed in the bow between the hulls, allows to regulate the best position in every condition.

The power is ensured by a diesel-electric system which includes the use of diesel-electric generators, new charge accumulators and photovoltaic panels for an autonomy only decided  by the ship-owner .

If requested, the boat can be equipped with a toilet. The two represented lay-outs are designed to transport from 30 to 40 passengers (more one disabled).

Technical specifications and details on request.