HYBOAT is a semi-planing hull vessel fitted for transporting 91 passengers; it can reach a top speed of 20 knots or sail in a full-electric way at 7 knots for more than 2 hours with batteries.

It is the first Italian hybrid craft with a RINA certification in compliance with 2006/87/EC Directive, the new regulations for navigation in inland waters. It can also be certified for coastal navigation.

HYBOAT is designed according to a new vision of the naval instrument: a craft that pampers its passengers!


DIANAE and AURORA are patented boats, highly maneuverable thanks to their dual in-line azimuth propulsion and the extremely high-performance hull design, capable of ensuring tangible fuel savings and real respect for the environment.

Both crafts, different in size and fitting, meet the most stringent standards of navigation safety and environmental compatibility thanks to their hybrid propulsion.


HANNAH is the first patented modular boat of nautical history. For the first time in the naval field the operational flexibility of the automotive and railway industry is implemented.

At a cost comparable to that of a traditional boat of the same capacity, HANNAH gives you the chance to use up to "3 different means", for a business that knows no limitations, with two independent twin and modular boats.

You can get only advantages thanks to a both revolutionary and environmentally friendly craft, at the owner's service while respecting the environment.



EVE is specifically designed for commercial purposes. We can provide various fittings to satisfy different needs.

EVE is able to transport goods with absolute safety and agility thanks to extremely stable aluminum catamaran hull studied for the minimum emission wave length and the electric propulsion azimuth of Econboard.

Medium, strong and very maneuverable, meet increasingly stringent requirements such as noise reduction and hydrocarbon pollution. A high level of environmental compatibility and performance.



Econboard has developed an electric rudder propeller absolutely innovative. Lightness, strength, simplicity and cost make it a powerful product but at the same time environmentally friendly as a result of the low energies needed for maneuvering.

A suitable system to repower existing hulls with extreme simplicity.