MOEWA (The MOdular Eco WAter bus)

MOEWA (The MOdular Eco WAter bus)
Thursday, July 14, 2016

Econboard offers a patented idea of a hybrid diesel-electric catamaran boat, the modular eco-waterbus (called HANNAH), that can be automatically split in a few minutes in two independent units able to carry out transport services on different routes. When assembled in a rigid way, the two elementary units are in fact a single vessel with double loading capacity, which can be defined modular.


Thanks to the modularity of the hulls, the introduced flexibility allows great consumption savings even because the hulls are designed and tested (in the towing tank, see pictures below) to reduce wave pollution.

An appropriate propulsion system, based on azimuth electric thrusters (capable of rotating propellers around a vertical axis directing thrust with no need for rudders) allows the boat assembled, but also the two elementary units to carry out the mission with increased safety. In fact, the propulsion system is able to provide augmented maneuverability being characterized by a particular configuration in line, dealing with an installed bow azimuth thruster and a stern one. This new concept is part of an another Econboard patent.

In this way, the modular catamaran and the sister units can perform maneuvers impossible for conventional units.