EVE, conceived on the same platform of Aurora, is a boat work, versatile and essential at the same time, extremely rugged and specifically designed for the transport of household goods.

The catamaran hull, developed and tested in towing tank for the minimum wave emission, is highly stable during the operations of loading / unloading and gives to the boat maximum safety and usability.

The steering position is placed in an effective and excellent visibility position, ensuring the commander to govern with confidence.

The hybrid propulsion allows the use of the vehicle according to the strictest environmental standards and the high soundproofing allows the use even in citizens areas in times usually not allowed.




EFFICIENCY - VERSATILITY - environmentally friendly


The presented layout is suitable for the transport of 25 tons on a 8m long and 2.2m wide platform. The company is able to perform customizations according to the specific requirements.

The propulsion is provided by an electric motor installed in the azimuth pod with variable range power, designed and built entirely by the company and with the possibility of rotation of ± 180 °. The high torque of the electric engine at low engine speeds, guarantees great agility and maximum efficiency, especially in shunting operations. The engine is designed to minimize the maintenance activities.

The bridge, with its controls, is specifically designed to resist meteorological events. On request, it is also possible to install a sunroof rigid winter without loss of visibility and equip the interior of an air conditioning system.