The AURORA 2020 motorboat will be launched at the end of 2020 and will provide double certification for inland waterway navigation and coastal navigation.

AURORA 2018 will be able to navigate full-electric at a cruising speed of 6 knots at a maximum speed of 8 knots. The thrust is entrusted to the particular motorization patented by Econboard, constituted by a pair of 35kW each electric azimuth thrusters.

The high maneuverability of the boat, due to the particular patented arrangement of the azimuth thrusters, will be managed through two intuitive joysticks.

AURORA 2018, aluminum alloy, will be able to carry up to 24 passengers comfortably seated with a wc and technical compartment. Different configurations allow up to 28 comfortably seated passengers.


technical features


Overall length (LOA) = 10.40 m

Width = 4.30 m

Height = 3.50 m (altezza di costruzione)

Displacement (preliminary) = 10.50 t

Material = Alluminium alloy

Passengers = 24 seats + 1H (about 10 additional feet)

Certified for inland waterway navigation

Certified for coastal navigation

Electric Power = 2 x 35kW Econboard azimuth thrusters

Cruise speed = 6 nodi

Maximum speed > 8 nodi

Maximum autonomy extended thanks to onboard electric generator

Full-electric power 4 hours / 6 knots

Service bathroom / Technical compartment