AURORA is specifically designed to move along short routes and in narrow waters. A joystick allows the captain to lead it simply where the traditional boats would not be able to maneuver.

The hybrid mode or full-electric power mode with the low noise and the low wave emission make AURORA an environment-friendly boat absolutely respectful of the spaces where it is used.

The catamaran hull has been optimized in naval tank for the best hydrodynamic performances in terms of wave, resistance and friction reduction.





The hull is extremely elastic from the structural point of view because it is designed to accept requests for changes in size -both in terms of maximum length and maximum width- with the maximum flexibility maintaining the original performance trend.

How it’s possible to observe looking at the cross-section image, AURORA uses the patented "in line" bow-stern double azimuth propulsion; thanks to it AURORA is able to perform extreme maneuvers, not possible for traditional vessels, such as completely rotations on the spot, translations with any angle respect to the main direction (keeping the bow fixed) and very tight turns.

The interior layout may vary depending by the need of the owner and it can accommodate a number of passengers definable according to the specific mission and costs. Because of its small size AURORA can be easily conveyed without turning to exceptional transports.

The choice of driving the vehicle from the ground, through an intuitive remote control, distinguishes this innovative workboat.